Long Branch Creek

In addition to being the namesake for our community, the Long Branch Creek provides a green-space that benefits all members of the community.  

An unfortunate side effect of living in a densely populated place, however, is that not all residents are similarly minded when it comes to environmental stewardship.


Many thanks to Montgomery Parks  Councilmember Tom Hucker for being responsive to trash and graffiti issues along Long Branch Trail.  Two before and after photos:

We ask that our representatives, as well as those entities within Montgomery County such as Montgomery Parks Department and Montgomery Planning, to take concrete steps toward protecting Long Branch Creek.  Despite residents' best efforts, including the partnerships with Friends of Sligo Creek, we constantly face an uphill battle.

For reference, photos shown in the gallery below were taken on February 19, 2017, along the stretch adjacent to Long Branch-Garland Neighborhood Park and the Good Acre / Pine Ridge Apartments.