SeeClickFix Issues Map

Today we integrated onto the main page an interactive 'issues' map powered by SeeClickFix.  

SeeClickFix's goal is to allow members of a community to play an integral role in public services by routing neighborhood concerns  - like potholes and light outages - to the appropriate office or official within a local government.  Many local governments, including our neighbors in the District of Columbia, officially partner wth SeeClickFix and utilize their technology as official or integrated non-emergency 311 service requests or reports.  

Other governments, such as Montgomery County, monitor and respond to public issues submitted via SeeClickFix.  

Regardless of whether you prefer to utilize SeeClickFix or Montgomery County's official 311 service, we encourage you to submit your issues so that we can all benefit.

For good measure, we'll include the interactive map here as well: